dealsmac sports folding wagon for $59.99 + freeā€¦


taxes kills this deal; Sam's club sells them for 56.98 (without the taxes)


@rume184: agree, + you can always take it back to Sams if you don't like it- or if there are any issues. I have one of these that we use occasionally for kids sports games (baseball, flag football...) and they come in handy carting around chairs, blankets, water etc.


No matter where you get this, it's a great product. Husband bought this for me for my birthday after we had our first grandchild. Originally, I thought WTH??? But we use the he** out of this, and it's holding up well. I like that it folds up to about the size of a briefcase - so if you have a small car, it's easy to take. Took it to an amusement park last weekend and I could have sold 50 of them - everyone wanted to know where we got it! Enough room for the cooler AND the kid!


I don't get it! It says here on Woot that it is 59.99 but when you click the deal it comes up as 76.99 plus tax!?! I thought 59.99 meant 59.99? What gives?