dealsleatherman 831207 style cs clip-on multi-tool…


I received mine today. It is smaller than I expected but is perfect for a fly fishing tool. The blade length is also now allowed on airplanes which is nice.


Was $15.95 yesterday. Price seems to be jumping around a bit lately for this knife.

That being said, it is a perfect little knife for a keychain. The carabiner clip is fantastic for quickly taking off the keychain whenever your going somewhere that does not allow small knives (sporting events, airport, etc). Good spring loaded scissors that are a decent size. Build quality is very nice and does not feel weak or flimsy at all.


I have one of these and love it. Biggest problem I have is due to small size I tend to misplace it every once in a while, sometimes for months at a time. I definitely realize how much I use the thing during those times without it though and would highly recommend.


I think the Micra is a better deal for only like $2 more. You get a lot more tools as well and it's about the same size.


ordered yesterday and got it in the mail today. Much smaller than I had anticipated (even after hearing it was small, not quite 3" including clip) but will make a nice tool to clip on a backpack.