dealskingston datatraveler micro 16gb usb 2.0 flash…


Very Easy to Lose!!!!
I had a 1 gig of this size and i loved it but i lost it after awhile it off my key chain. Had to have it on a key-chain otherwise the wash would kill it or id lose it in my school backpack or a pocket.
^edit btw this flashdrive (if its the same as my lasts one) is simply a 16g micro SD card with a USB converter. So if not for the USE you can get a cheap micro SD card.


Missed out on this deal last time. Glad I was able to get in on it this time. Thanks OP!


I just bought one of these from Amazon and it died within two days. I'd have to unplug and replug it back in when I rebooted my computer for it to be recognized. Then it started randomly un-mounting and re-mounting. Eventually it somehow converted itself to a write protected RAW format and now it freezes up my computer if I plug it in. Got a full refund from Amazon and it was probably just bad luck, but it was also a pain.