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They need to expand to the Western part of the country. I was visiting the Midwest and stopped by a Culver's. The burger I had was pretty darn good for a fast food joint and I have been craving one ever since.


Culver's is awful. They have some good fish and chicken tenders, but their burgers are terrible. Their fries are good, but honestly, the place is mediocre. How about I trade you my local Culver's for your In and Out and Mexican joints?


Our local Culvers is now sending e-coupons about monthly now. Bad news: they have started enforcing expiration dates. Good news: ours now lets kids get any topping they want on their free scoops instead of only M&Ms, sprinkles or Nerds.

My friend would kill for their fried chicken, but I can't justify that much fat and calories, even occasionally. I do like their grilled chicken salads, and their raspberry vinaigrette dressing is awesome!

But bottom line is I go for the custard. I decide whether to go or not based on the flavor of the day. Some are stupendous!


@samjung23 Culvers is not that bad. Maybe your local location just doesn't prepare their food properly. I know it is all opinion, but honestly, they beat national fast food joints hands down.