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Is this a good deal? I mean, you can get a Nexus 7, which granted is a 7" tablet, but it's not a refurb and has the HD screen with a higher res than this 10" even has for $229.


You don't buy a Note device for it's specs*, per se, you buy it for the Wacom digitizer/S-Pen, and the software. My wife has this tablet, and it's excellent. My iPad owning in-laws want to "upgrade" to a refurbished Note 10.1 now that they have seen hers.

*The Galaxy Note 3 smartphone on the other hand, is a no-compromises piece of kit that you should seriously consider for nothing less than it's hardware combined with the Note software/digitizer/stylus.


does this have flash? I play an online game that requires flash.


@907joker: I don't think so, Google and Adobe dropped Flash support for Android somewhere during the ICS or JB iterations of Android. This has ICS, but there is an available JB update for it once you connect to the internet. I suppose you could leave it at ICS, but you could also install a Flash supporting browser like Next Browser and that should work even with JB. You have options, but that's all I can tell you for sure.


@907joker: Yes it does.
Just side load to it.
Meaning download online and install.
You can even use the built in browser and navigate to xda forums and search.
Even easier, search google for flash player apk.
Download using tablet, install, and you are set to go.
I have this tablet and the Note 8 also, both support flash without mayor work.