dealscontrol freak digital remote control watch for $9…


$3.99 shipping.

This watch is on Amazon for $19.99 with free shipping. No reviews there though. Anyone have one of these?


@zeroelement: Wow that guy is terrible at video reviewing.


This looks to be a pretty darned big watch, yes? I have a pretty slim wrist and I suspect this would look absurd if I wore it.

The video review doesn't show him wearing the watch, so it's hard to tell for sure, but it certainly looks like it is quite thick. I don't want to have something 3/4 the thickness of a deck of cards strapped to my wrist all day long.


Never lose your remote again !!


@stark: Yup. Not a pro, for certain. And he REALLY needs to clean his room!


Just ordered one!
Use code: WHATTHEPLUNGE for $0.50 off!

PS I found cheaper watches that do the same thing but they don't have the same range. This has a 30ft range. The others were 9-15ish.


Working with LCD Or led screens . I Think that the product is old in order to contain the new brands or models of tv's


@carol506: What?

Anyone have experience with this site? I've not heard of them before.

Though the review was horrible (person doing it not regarding the product itself), for under $15 why not give one a try. I've got a "spy remote" that is pretty small that does the same thing, can be fun to mess with friends or to use when you can't find a tv remote. Functionality is minimal, but what do you really need. I like Sharper Image stuff and will take one.

As usual with daily deal sites, shipping is per item with no discount.


I was considering it, then read these reviews —

People universally voice 2 complaints: 1.) it's difficult to setup/doesn't control many devices and 2.) it's huge.


I get a kick out of the tachymeter, that scale around the outside which is used in conjunction with the second hand on an analog watch but which is quite useless on a digital...


Wow, it has an ALARAM? What the heck is an ALARAM? ;)

(Check extra pics)


ive been wanting this or the "spy remote" just because it looks like fun to mess with people. i dont care if it works on every vcr on the market, does anyone know if it works on cable boxes?


This looks like the same watch and it's $9.99 with free s/h. I've ordered from Meritline several times without problems.


@dheckelman: It is no surprise, Sharper Image stuff is always crap IMO.


@doos: My experience with "spy remote" type items are that they don't work with cable boxes. I can't imagine this would be any different. The crappy youtube review says that it doesn't, though I am not 100% sure the guy tested it on a cable box (or anything else).


Here is the list of what it controls from the instructions (found online), not sure if it actually works on the devices though


can someone explain how Tachymeter supposed to work here?


@hkwootme: Nice find! I've also ordered from Meritline with good luck, + free shipping :)
Still not sure I need such a thing but Meritline's reviews were mostly positive with bulk and limited controllable devices the most common problem.
If you have a odd brand device or cable box I'd probably pass.


@jamesbottomtooth: Tachymeter is a stopwatch. You start the count, travel exactly one mile, then stop the count. If you completed the mile in 6.67 seconds then you are travelling 400 miles per hour, 12 seconds = 300 mph, 30s = 120 mph, 60s = 60 mph, and all the gradations shown on the face in between.

Another use of the Tachymeter would be the following: The phrase, "If it takes you any more than 9 minutes to run that mile, then you're a fat slob that needs to get off the couch more often" would be a tacky thing to say.


@jamesbottomtooth: I was wondering the same. It has no second hand....


@stark: Its the only one i found easily


@grammaryahtzee: "Tachymeter is a stopwatch."

No, not quite. A tachymeter is a simple scale which compares time to rate. The stopwatch part is the second hand which you can compare to the tachy scale to convert things into thingies per hour.

But the point is, that the tachymeter is only a gauge - you still need a needle!


@mrtuba9: Try 1998. These things have been around forever.


Will this work with a Mac?