dealssid meier's civilization v on steam for $12.50


I saw this deal during the summer sale for 17.00 and regretted not getting it every day after. I was ecstatic when i saw it was back, and cheaper!


Got this for 5 dollars not to long ago, and for the first week I didn't go to be until 4 am. Moral of the story, Prepare thyself.


I feel really bad saying this, but I didn't enjoy this game that much. The interface was riddled with little issues (For example, in most games you can click on the mini-map, hold the click, and drag around and the vision will follow. Here it doesn't). It didn't feel as compelling or strategic as Civ 4, either.

I know that I'm in the minority in disliking the game. Maybe they've patched the problems in the last year. Maybe others can get more out of the game than me. Just saying, maybe try the demo first, guys.


What is the main goal of this game? Is it role playing?


The Civilization series are turned based strategy games. Civ5 has been massively changed in a number of core ways. At the same time there is still much that is familiar if you have played the earlier games, the changes can take some getting used to but it can still suck you in for 'just one more turn'.... I have had, it's 2am already? moments with Civ5 that I had with with most of earlier games (Civ4 had the least of these) going all the way back to Civilization itself. It's worth the $12.50 for sure.


Wow good deal if this is legit. Really good game. When the game first came out there were alot of issues but they patched many of them and the game has gotten alot better.


If you like chess, this is chess on HGH, crack, and MJ all at once (including all the addictive qualities). I purchased this game the day it came out and I've not uninstalled it yet. The difficulty settings are innumerable...

...okay, there are 9 difficulties and 4 or 5 map types in the single player game, and with each map type presenting unique challenges, there is more than enough to keep you entertained. I've still not been able to enter the upper echeleon of difficulties yet. Frustrating and fun in a masochistic way.


FYI - Amazon is matching this price in their digital store. You can buy from them and then input the CD key in Steam if you like - I did it earlier this year when Amazon was selling the digital copy for $19.99. Even if you are only marginally interested, $12.50 is a steal for a game of this quality. You will not regret it. For $50, I can understand why people would be unhappy, but for $12.50, it is worth a look.


Great deal for an awesome game


And I was just thinking I might buy this today :D

I do like Steam, but lately it seems like Amazon almost always beats Steam's price.


@fredwallace18: I agreed with you when I first got Civ V because it takes a while to get into it and to get used to the different interface. But I felt the same way about Civ IV and III when they first came out. After playing for a while, it's got some great moments and is highly addictive.

That said, though, it doesn't have the same kind of charm as the earlier ones. Not sure how to describe it, but it's missing something. The whole city-state thing is kind of tedious and annoying, and cultural domination isn't as viable of an option. Still a great game at this price, though, especially once you get into it.


$29.99 now. Bummer, I wanted this.