dealssandisk 16gb cruzer® glide™ usb flash drive…


A great deal. I just bought these at Office Depot on sale for $9.99 each. Of course, Office Depot's price is good through 9/22/12. These Sears deals have a way of disappearing quickly.


Non available within a 300 mile radius of Phoenix, AZ or any available for what good is a deal if you can't have any.


SLOW oh my. write speeds were agonizing, 3-4 times slower than my 16gb TDK drives. if you can wait, great deal, if you want decent write speeds, consider usb 3.0 drives or find a 2.0 drive that tested quicker. I think it was 4-5mb/s where my TDK was 12ish.


Looks like it ended. Says $29.99 for me.


@xstevejx: try staples they like to alternate usb sales to get people in the door. i bought this a couple weeks ago on that sale after I fell for it, and decided only to keep the little 8gb 5 dollar stick for bootable stuff.

they'll be more sales. always are on these things.