dealsled color changing night light, moon shape for $2…


Anyone know how bright these things are? I've got a two year old who just started her fear with monsters, so I'd need something somewhat bright to help chase them away.


@birdistasty: If they are anything like the roses, they will emit a soft glow but will not do much in the way of scaring off monsters. The roses are made of the same material and you can see the color changing in a well lit room.


It uses batteries. Leaving a battery operated product on all night doesn't sound enviro-friendly or cheap.


Sorry, but this is junk. Similar to a lot of other things that Meritline and other dealers in their category sell. You can find a better nightlight at Target or WalMart.


Nightlight may help, but psychology can help, too. We took the kid to Children's Fairyland for the day and had kid meet Mother Goose. While kid wasn't looking, we bought a sparkly rainbow pencil with a rainbow top -- it looked like a magic wand. That night (while the Fairyland memory was fresh), we told the kid that we had spoken to Mother Goose, and that she had given us a magic wand to use to scare the monsters away so they'd never come back. Very dramatically, we waived the wand all around, and up an down and said, "Monsters, monsters go away. Never come back. Never! No way!" Kid slept like a baby, and never worried about monsters again.


@kjcleek: We sat and watched Monsters Inc the other night. I gave her an old sock after we saw how the monsters didn't like socks :-P So far, so good.


@birdistasty: Had a similar problem with our son. Picked up a can of air freshener and covered the outside of it with one of those 8 1/2 x 11 labels. Went to our local CVS and asked the pharmacist if she could type up a bogus label like a prescription telling us to spray in room at night to scare off monsters for a good night sleep. Made it more realistic than buying the off the shelf monster spray. She loved the idea and gave me 5 copies in case we needed more. His 4 year old sister now uses it.