dealsfarscape: the complete series [dvd] for $49.96


If only I didn't hate Walmart, I would sooooo buy this. Maybe amazon will price match.


@okham: Amazon has it for a little over $52 with free super saver shipping


@eviloverlord333: Thanks! I posted a bluray version for those looking for high def. I might break down and get it.

Right now, I just have them all on VHS :)


@okham: I have these in DVD and they look really nice. I don't even want to think of what they will look like in Blu-ray (I paid waaaaay too much for the DVDs when they came out - $100+ per season)


@theoneill555: Ouch. I paid about that for the whole series of SG1.

I've waited on the Farscape DVDs due to some negative review of original releases, but the blurays have some pretty good reviews.


@okham: My SG-1s were $40+ per season. I am just too impatient when it comes to my favorite shows which is probably why I own 4 different copies of 5th Element :)


@theoneill555: Well, there IS 4 different copies of 5th Element :)
Notta lotta differences, but they're there.


lulz. lets see, 50 bucks should pay for like 6 or 7 months of netflix, and you can watch it as often as you like.

(along withe everything else)


@theoneill555: Ah, the 5th element. Great movie. Apparently there are a number of wooters that agree with us:

I always end up waiting until a series is off air before i pick it up, that way I can get the uber-complete box set, and skip the season to season DVDs. Unfortunately, Firefly was easy to do this with :(


@okham: Wait, isn't this just SG-1, season 10?


@kitcatbrat: No, this had 1 human on an alien team. SG-1 had 1 alien on a human team. Soooo much different. But SG-1 did have 10 seasons.


@okham: I know SG-1 had 10 seasons, although I don't really count seasons 9 and 10. I DID however like the episode "200," especially when they poked fun at Farscape :D