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I picked up some Skullcrushers at Skullcandy's Ebay site the other week and had the item within a week. Great prices, fast shipping. A solid buy.


I'll give it a chance. I need a new pair of headphones and Skullcandy hasn't ever given me any problems.


A friend of mine bought these headphones and they were pretty disappointing in sound quality. They also stopped working after a couple weeks. I lent him my pair of Sennheiser HD 201s and he wished he had talked to me before buying the Skullcandies. They're on sale for just over $20 on Amazon right now. Totally worth the extra couple bucks in my opinion.


I have bought from Skullcandy 3 times (once because I recieved a credit.)

Twice from Ebay (Skullcandy account) and once from the Skullcandy website.

I honestly dont remember the names of the products, but it was in the past couple years.

The first ones I bought were $20 Cleveland Cavalier mesh headphones. They came new in package, and didnt even play sound. Seriously? I RMA'ed them.

The second pair I bought were les comfortable, but had good sound quality. Within 2 months, the left side had shorted out. I threw them somewhere and decided to try one more time with a different [air for $20.

The third pair had worse sound quality, and were less comfortable, and only lasted 4 months before the left side of the ear went out again.

I finally crumbled and bought $10 headphones at Big Lots, which dont have the best sound quality, but are still going strong.

TL;DR: Skullcandy has alright quality in music, but the quality of the physical headphone is lackluster. Avoid if I were you.


In the ~$20 range you can do much better than Skullcandy. Here are some suggestions.
Sennheiser HD201
Sony MDR-ZX300 (The MDR-ZX100 can be had for ~$10 and are still pretty good)
Koss R-10


I got a pair of these, but the gaming ones at a Ross for 20 bucks. They still work. They don't sound great in comparison to a lot of better stuff. I wouldn't game with them. A Turtle Beach headset is gonna get a lot more quality for your money. I also enjoy the Munitio earbuds that I purchased for 20 dollars that were able to be used as my hands free
headset. The were the modern warfare 3 edition. Best sounding earbuds I've had for under 30 bucks.


Skullcandy is nothing more than a marketing company that finds cheap crap to toss their name on- they aren't a 'real' company with a concern for sound quality like Koss, Sennheiser, AKG etc. Brilliant marketing, junk products.