dealssteam holiday sale- day 6


It is steam... so invariably the "value" is ruined.


What does "value" ruined imply? I've had Steam for years, best service of its kind by far. Great games fair price, instant delivery, always downloadable. No worries about losing a disk ever again. I would pay a surcharge for all those features and yet I don't have to.


steam is hot water. I love gases


Just chiming in to add my support for Steam as a whole.
Adding "Big Picture" (TV support, essentially... large, controller-centric interface) is a nice cherry on top of the whole experience, even with it's flaws (still in Beta).

The only downside to Steam is that I end up buying too many cheap games that I'll never play!
And the lack of extra copies when purchasing bundles. On that note, I will concede that the ownership of content seems to be an issue with some folks, and I do wish I could sell products I've purchased and no longer play. Considering the sales though, it doesn't bother me much.


Steam is OK but if there's a choice for a disk I would recommend the disk. You can easily rip a copy of the disk to an ISO so even if you lose it you have back up copies. The DRM slows the game play down and I've just never seen a Steam version that played as well as owning a disk.

I could be playing the wrong games, YMMV


@ericpost: You might want to try turning off the Steam Overlay in the games you feel it slows down. Sometimes their cloud syncing can also cause lag. At least they're all well-intentioned features.


@ericpost: Many newer games nowadays require you to activate it on Steam anyway, so having the disc is really a moot point most times other than being able to install it via the disc instead of downloading it. That being said, there is an option on Steam to backup your games to a disc if you really want to.


I don't have an internet connection at home anymore, is an active connection required to play games? To get the content on my laptop, I could just bring it to work, but when I go home...

I don't want to buy stuff if I hafta stay at work to play it.