deals“how to train your dragon” room for less than $50


The dragon I play with in bed is well trained.


Awwww, darn. It doesn't come in California King :(


Every time I hear the name of that movie, it makes me think of the SNL Harry Potter skit where Hermionie returns from break a bit more endowed:

Hagrid: Okay, well, all right, I'd better go out to the woods and tame my dragon.
Harry: Ah, you got a new pet?
Hagrid: [pause] Noooope!

Video link:


It won't let you add more than two items on sale. How am i supposed to get them all?!?


Well, that's silly. Shoppers can't purchase more than two items. You can only get part of a "How To Train Your Dragon" room. You want the sheets, comforter, and window panel? Too bad.


I was tempted to buy at least the throw, but I detest misleading advertising. Don't tell us we can buy a new How to Train Your Dragon room - which implies sheets, comforter, curtains & throw - for less than $50, and then don't allow us to actually buy the items.

I could understand if "limit 2" meant "two rooms" - but that's not how it is being applied.

I will be ignoring future Deals offered by Designer Living. I don't give my money to companies who deceive prospective customers.


It still want let you order more then 2 items and well my son has a bunkbed set with twin on top and full on bottom what the crap?


I'm really disappointed that woot would even feature something like this. I have a very disappointed 8yo here, but I won't reward a company for trying to put one over on its customers.


"We're sorry, but due to limited quantities, all customers are limited to no more than 2 for this deal item."

so I can get the sheets and the curtains but nothing else....that's not a DEAL


Least you can try to save 20% off a lie with the code: VDAY20


Designer Living, this is what we call a mistake on your part. Wooters are very dedicated and have crashed multiple websites for deals. If you are going to advertise on Woot, at least have the product to back it up or advertise correctly.


@designerliving: Which means your "limit 2" on what is advertised as a HtTYD ROOM is still...false...advertising.

Your promo image clearly shows 4 items comprising the "room." Your note on the promo says "limit 2." What you really mean is "limit 1 1/2" now.

And the fact that you don't even seem to acknowledge that there was a problem to begin with, or say anything like "gosh, sorry, that really WAS misleading..." just further drives home the idea that you are not a company I want to give my money to.


I must agree with the Wooters here...Designer Living appears to be the kind of company I WILL NOT DO BUSINESS WITH!

My grandson has a bunk bed in my house but I cannot get everything I need because of the BS that the company is doing.

Woot, you need to kick those POS SOB's away and NEVER give them a place on Woot again.

Here is the link to the BBB about Designer Living:

They have no rating and several complaints,


Uhm, folks - DL responded about 4 posts ago that they raised the limit to 6 items. Yet there are still complaints about the "Limit 2" afterward. Did you not read? Or is it still not working?


@tsfisch: The problem is they were very mis-leading at first but even after they supposedly corrected their "mistake" they never admitted to doing anything underhanded. Then, even after their so-called correction you cannot purchase more than 6 items. In my case I need 2 sheet sets, 2 comforters, 1 window panel and 2 throws. That's 7 items so I cannot add the 7th item.


@tsfisch: The "room" consists of 4 items: comforter, sheet set, throw, curtains. Two rooms (which is what is implied by "limit 2" when it is part of an advertisement that says "a new HtTYD room with less than $50") would consist of 8 items: 2 comforters, 2 sheet sets, 2 throws, 2 curtains.

If I can only buy 6 items, not 8, then I can only buy a room-and-a-half, for all intents & purposes - which remains less than the "limit 2" on the advertisement which is promoting the purchase of a "room" of items consisting of 4 items.


@geekgoyle: for kids bed only. We'll try to make Cal King in the future. Thanks! Linda@Designerliving


No problem buying 4 items here at the described price. bought with ease...must've been some issues that are now corrected.


@agoska, @chris12345, @gizzynubalo, @veronicabaty, @crazyhead, @hedgemage, @soccertati, @wisenekt, @jnissel, @gizzynubalo

We apologize for the item limit. Usually our deals are limited qty/order to serve broader audience so we don't want to sell out within only a few hours. We had not featured a sale of this kind yet so we had not thought of the limit as we had not needed to before. Please accept our apology and note that we have changed the limit to 6 items per order. Thanks for your understanding.

Linda@Designer Living


The problem is I had to put in 2 orders, one from me and one from my daughter this morning in order to get the 4 items and so I had to pay shipping on the two orders, now your allowing more items, can I get a refund on the shipping or something???!!!!


@designerliving: I did upvote your post raising the limit to six items. Sorry your venture into Woot! did not go as planned but we are a very passionate bunch. Welcome to Woot! and best of luck in the future!


Even with all the misleading advertisements I was down for a throw but with $7.95 shipping I'll pass.


Pass! $7.95 shipping made me empty my cart.


really nice deal,it is good for kids!


anyone in Austin wanna split shipping?
I need that throw with dragons on it!

p.s.- shipping cost isn't DL's fault. It is what it is. I guess they could send it first class mail, or priority, but that would likely raise the cost in man hours by dealing with multiple modes of shipping & tracking packages.