dealsmagical intellect ball balance puzzle - improve…


Might be worth buying just for all the Enrgish on the packaging. Some was featured in the description, but they left out such gems as:

Super Power
Set out now!
Improve the under standing of space!
Explore for final victory
EQ Exponent [4 Stars]
Amusement Exponent [5 Stars]

There are also some instructions on the box which I can't make out from the photo, but the first step is: "Open the package!"


Alrighty....I just ordered three!!!!


Finally! I've been waiting for something that I could Explore for final victory.


I've seen this is stores a few times and always thought they were interesting and novel. Never felt like shelling out $20+ for one, but this is a great deal! I look forward to raising my "Amusement Exponent" to five when this arrives.


@ciabelle: Love reading this stuff.
"Modern and elegant in fashion" maybe I should get one,it would be as close as I'll ever get to being so.


These things are awesome! My brother got some for his kids last Christmas, and all the family members kept taking turns with it.

Tests your puzzle-solving abilities, as well as your finger dexterity, just like women. HEY-O!!!

Just kidding, but not about the puzzle ball.