dealshp pavilion h8 core i7 desktop pc with 1.5tb hard…


Instead of /DeuceBigelow, it should be something like /Trifecta or /TriLambs or, heck, /TreSemme!


I did my best to price out the individual parts, looks pretty legit.

Motherboard - $60
videocard - $80
processor - $300
memory - $35
blu ray drive - $60
HD - $95
Power Supply - $18
wireless mouse/keyboard - $25
case - ??
wireless adapter - $20

These are all rough prices (could be a little more/less), but like I said, add it all up, looks like it'd cost a little over $700 to build yourself.


I bought one of these on the last woot and have so far been happy with it. I was concerned about the 300 WATT power supply but after doing some snooping around on the Forums at TOM's Hardware I was advised that 300 watts is plenty for this getup. Here is the link to my forum post. I was inquiring about solid state drives and if this rig is good in the first place:

If you plan on updating the Video card, you may need to amp up the power supply however. I only play games like League of Legends and can max the graphics wile maintaining 60 fps. So not bad there! Other FPS's and some newer RTS's probably require a better graphics card. The one included in this is in the middle of the pack, but does grant you great bang for your buck. As seen here:

I didn't buy the squaresoft Warrenty so I'm biting my nails. The 30 days is fast approaching. Worked out of box.


@squirrelhunter70: Except this is refurbished. A tad underwhelming, but then, the cost of PC's has been bouncing back up recently.


@meh3884: It's been said in previous Deals like this that HP "refurbs" are often stock that was returned to them, unsold. It's not like HP is going to "fix" the CPU, motherboard or other components; they'll just replace them.

I'm not saying there's nothing used about any of these, but most are not post-consumer goods.


Oh, and the reason for my first post was that this is the 3rd time this rig has been offered on Moofi. Not a bad thing; just sayin'. The last time the URL was It's also the time I bought one. I'd provide feedback on it, but it's still in the box, unfortunately. :/


@squirrelhunter70: You forgot the cost of the windows license. Whether a buyer uses windows or formats it and uses a different OS entirely, they are still paying for windows in this deal.


All these months of snooping around moofi waiting for a decent desktop has finally come to an end. I really hope this purchase will be worth while. I assumed I might as well get an i7 as it should be a strong enough machine to run whatever is thrown at it for the next couple of years. Of course, you can't go to a moofi hp desktop forum without someone saying it needs a better psu and gpu. It's definitely something I'll get around to but this will work for my LoL addiction and the small steam library I have, for now. Thanks, Woot!


I have mine (bought a month or so back from moofi) hooked up to my tv and I love it. Plugged wired 360 controller into one of the top usb ports to play some games. Those usbs are perfect for thumb drives, controllers, dongles for wireless keyboard/mouse, etc. I also run older games on the system (e.g., borderlands, tf2, fallout 3) on highest settings without problems. If you plan to play most anything besides the newest most amazing game on highest settings this will handle it with room to spare.

One thing I would like to do / plan to do once the warranty is up is replace the hdd with ssd, or 7200 hdd, for boot purposes. Boot times can be slow


Just a heads up that these have shipped. I received the ship notice from Woot after I had already missed first attempt at delivery, so be sure to keep an eye out for that UPS truck today!

I haven't tried for mine, but you may be able to track your H8 at the UPS site via the order number if you haven't received a ship notice yet. Mine was originally shipped out on 3/19.


@donk: got mine yesterday. having trouble syncing keyboard


Got mine on Wednesday. It's great except I'm having major issues resuming from sleep mode... As in it won't.

It sounds like this isn't all uncommon with 64 bit computers. Have had a couple of convos with HP tech support to no avail... Anybody out there have any suggestions? The computer does 1 of 2 things when I try to resume sleep:
1) Makes a beep and the LEDs flash. Then 1-2 seconds later the computer turns on but nothing ever comes up on the monitor and the mouse (a usb mouse) shows no power is going to it.
2) Makes the same beep and the LEDs flash, except it does this indefinitely about every 5 seconds.
Both issues require me to hold down the power button to manually shut it down and then I may or may not have to restart again to get back to the destktop.



HP replaced my non-functioning keyboard. Got it yesterday.