dealsstar wars 2 mug gift set w/ hot cocoa mix, 4 pc…


I love Star Wars, but I would never buy anything from Wal Mart. Down voted.


Exactly what mdankert said!


@mdankert: Seriously? I have similar feelings about Chik-Fil-A, but I'm not going to downvote someone if they post a 2-for-1 chicken biscuit deal.

Get over yourself. The voting system here is about expressing whether or not a deal (or comment) is helpful in general, not whether you personally like the company selling the product or service. This will explain why your comment has a negative vote sum, but the posted deal is positive. Now, if you had posted something along the lines of "I would never buy anything from Walmart because I ordered a package of adult diapers from them and they gave me baby diapers," that would have actually been helpful, as it would let other people with similar bladder control issues to yours know that they may want to avoid this company for such purchases.


Cool. I've seen these in the store. Pretty standard for a mug, but the artwork is a nice new design, rather than the same recycled Star Wars art that gets plastered on everything.

If it's anything like the other mugs I've got, the hot cocoa will go straight in the trash though.

I'm in for one with free Site-to-Store pickup!


I bought one of these sets last year and it wasn't until it was opened for a present that I realized that the handle was broken off one of the mugs.


@kokohawk: So take it back. Walmart can't prevent their merchandise from breaking, but we all know they take back items quite easily.


yeah, i hate walmart too, but i can't get enough star wars junk around my house so i bought a set, picked it up in-store, and we drank from them this morning. well worth the $5. ($4.82, actually, with local sales tax) thanks!