dealselectronic monarch butterfly in a jar for $9.99


The code "20Whales" (without quotes) also gives 20% off.


Boss had one of these in his office. Cute little attention grabber, especially from a distance. Nice part is that no Butterflies are harmed in the making of the illusion. He really liked it, but I know a fair amount about magic from my late father - so it didn't make a big impression on me. I give it a 8 out of 10. ;)


These are awesome, but thought I should let everyone know that I bought one today at Walmart (in store) for $3.00 (on clearance)! Not sure if that's a national sale...



This probably happen if you order.


My mom recently bought one of these. I thought it was real until I took a closer look and saw the wire. Cool conversation piece and the kids (~3 years) love it.


@enzo01: *This probably won't happen if you order

Don't know what you have to do to make links work right.


looks like my comment got deleted. I'll try to be more vague, and maybe this time it won't. There are certain cashback websites that will give you a rebate if you go through them to taylor gift website. I signed up for one, and automatically got $5.00 then used their search engine to go to the taylor gifts website to get a 7% rebate. Hope this helps someone, and since I'm not posting a specific link or mentioning any specific website, maybe this won't get deleted.


@mrbarister: I thought that would be fine to post? Someone posted said site (least I think it's the same site) on one of my questions >.>

Maybe it's okay since it doesn't hijack the question but might the deal iunno. either way not complaining

I bought one of these as part of a set of gifts they are pretty awesome. But as @kjane said there is a thin see through fishing wire to help make it move.

From what I've seen this is a good price about 2$ cheaper than what I paid at walmart. so +1!

@jfreeman21 mine has been sold out of them for some time now so its very ymmv


I paid $3 at Walgreens Friday and $25 from Thinkgeek about 1 year ago.It keeps the cat busy for hours.


@enzo01: you beat me to it! except i was planning on using "beware the sting of the mighty Monarch!"