deals1/4 mile potato cannon (tennis ball attachment…


Best part of this deal?

It's listed under "survival". I guess when the zombie apocalypse comes, as long as I have enough spuds and hairspray, I'm good to go.


I would love to review this product but i still have yet to receive mine. I bought it at the same price last time it was on woot ( the 10th ). It said to allow for 3-7 business days, but unfortunately it's still not here yet.


Another no call, no-show. Ordered this product and my account was debited on the 13th. The only thing I've received is an order confirmation--and the trouble of following up on what's looking like a shady deal...


Thought this would make a great gag gift for my sons 37th birthday, the gag was on me...shot about 4 feet and broke on the 2nd shot. Not worth it!


I built one of these for my brother last year and the supplies alone cost about $45. Even factoring in economies of scale, I can't imagine these are decent quality at this price point. The vinyl "Spudzilla" lettering in Godzilla font down the barrel made mine look a lot cooler, too. :)


@smede13: Same here. Did you get a tracking number? Mine says it departed Spokane, WA on 11/22 with expected delivery in southern California yesterday.


Update : I just received mine today, a lot smaller then i thought it'd be, but all seems fine.

I can't say of if it shall work or not because its a christmas present for my little brother, but soley from look and fool it seems of pretty good quality.


Don't try to make one with pvc pipe. ABS it the only "safe" materiel to use


As kids, we made these with dads empty beer cans (prefect size for a tennis ball) and elec tape. Alas, that style of beer can does not exist anymore.

What is really fun is soaking the tennis ball in lighter fluid. About 1/2 the time, it comes out on fire.
Which is really cool until one goes under the neighbors car, on fire.
[ we go get it or do we run?]
[if we run and leave it, they'll know it was us]
[but if we go get it, it might explode and kill us]

the things that go through an 11 year old mind in 0.75 sec.

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@ptr: Was about that age when I was making hot air balloons out of trash cans and sterno. Well, as it turned out, the wind took one of the balloons onto the neighbores roof, creating a brushfire from all the leaves. Scared the crap out of me. Though the neighbor never knew, and was quickly extinguished.
Well, that was the last time I ever made one of those.
From there on, making bottle rocket fireworks was much safer....especially after the rain.
And thanks for the tennis fireball tip. I have one of these launchers and was thinking of going viking on one of the neighbors.


Quarter mile??? Gimme a breake. I built one outa schedule 80 pipe and shot black that's BAD!!!