dealsshock gag lighter for $2.99


Normal Price on Amazon is $19.95.


ypu can get one from amazon for 3.74 but if you are part of their prime club its free shipping so its cheaper if you can go that route.


One of my friends used one of these on man. Man it was hilarious. It startled the hell out of me.

Then I decided to play a gag on my friend, and I threw his goddamned shock lighter into a nearby pond.


@fusion44: Doesn't look like this item is eligible for Amazon Prime.

But just realized you were probably talking about a different item altogether.


My family bought one these (don't know if it's the same brand) when we went to the Mall of America when I was younger. The store that sold it also had a cola can that would do it when you picked it up. They were just inside the door, and right outside was a drink cup that was spilled and left there. I was pretty sure it was thrown down when they got shocked.


If you think these are funny then there's a reasonably good chance you're kind of a jerk.


You mean there are still people who smoke?


@prime suspect: European countries have pictures of diseased lungs and 'SMOKING KILLS' emblazoned on their packs and they still smoke.

I never understood it, myself. Maybe I'm just not receptive to nicotine, but I've never gotten anything from a cigarette except the fun of playing with the smoke.


Oh man. These work SOOO well. Gets em every time. Even better because its an item that people are ALWAYS asking to borrow.