deals3x5' ft american flag for $4.99 + free shipping


Sometimes if the price sounds too good to be true... don't be expecting a nice sewn-individual-stripe, embroidered star flag.

From the pics, this looks more like a nicer grade of parade giveaway flag. Single white poly sheet, printed stripes and stars. If that's what you're expecting, go for it!


It's not an American flag . It is a Chinese replica of an American flag .


@bluemaple: We share preferences in flags. Thanks for the heads-up for folks.


@magic cave: Yes, a nice quality United States flag is something you appreciate every time you fly it and retrieve it. And they don't cost that much money if you watch diligently. I think we paid less than $20 on sale at our local big box Meijers for the Annin, Made in USA flag we currently fly. Very durable.