dealsthe godfather collection [4 discs / blu-ray] for…


Finally purchased this classic. Incredible price! Thanks for the post.


You can always use Godfather III as a coaster...


I just finished watching this from the last time it was a deal. The bonus disk was interesting as well. This deal is cheaper than a date at the movies and the movie you're watching is guaranteed to not be as good.


Only available for local pick up...


I can't believe I didn't see this deal till it was too late! Sold out at my local BB. Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I own this set on DVD and have been waiting for this deal on blu ray for years so I'm kicking myself pretty bad right now. I've been late to more get togethers,parties, b day parties,ect.... Then I'd every really admit to cause I,got caught up watching it on some random channel before I left. I've seen it just as many times on network tv (commercial and all) than I have on DVD. Which is god knows how many! Man what a kick in the pants. Tomorrows my b day though so I guess there's still hope,someone got it for me. LOL but probably not :0(


take a breather and select ship to home and wait a few days


Available for shipping now!