dealsover 2000 movies - $4.49 or less + free shipping


Actually some pretty good deals. Especially the Dark Knight for only $3.79

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Blazing Saddles for $4.49 too!


A lot of DBFE(Double Feature, I guess). Bullitt/ Papillion? Oh yeah, I'm in!


There was a Butterfly Effect 2? Why, god? Why?!!


I don't see "over 2000 movies for 4.49 or less" they all start going up in price LONG before the 4.49 reaches "over 2000" - I must be an idiot and missing something


I count just over 450 movies @ $4.49, all on sale marked down from a higher price, and there are just over 420 movies @ $4.99. Looks like "Over 2000" is a gross exaggeration.


I always look for certain movies at sites like this. "The Wizard of Speed and Time", "Big Man On Campus", "Robinson Crusoe on Mars", and "They Might Be Giants" were not there.


@rogrobn: You seem to have a lot of free time.


Can find same movies at local wal-mart $5 bin.


Lots of $6.99 Blu-Rays too.


@magic cave: It's actually not that difficult. It linked for me at 196 movies per page. Third page, prices start rising, fairly early on in the page - about 1/3 of the way, give or take.. so 2x196+(196/3)=~457 movies.
Then, a little over halfway down page 5, they become >4.99, so you have 2/3 of one page, a full page, and 1/2 of another. 196(3/6+2/6+6/6)= ~360 movies.
So, for <$5 movies, you have about 920 movies. Less than half of what the title claims.