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These are great little mice. Excellent for tossing in your bag. The receiver is USB, and only about 1/3 of an inch sticking off your laptop.

The receiver also stores inside the mouse.

If you don't like this design, they frequently go on sale for about the same price at Best Buy and other places.


I have a dull grey color one- have used it no issues over a year.
The mouse is a little bit on the small side, only 2 fingers fit over it, the sides are sculpted for easy grip with the thumb and ring finger.

Has side tilt, scrollwheel works fine, and as noted, the receiver is tiny and it works fine across the room when my laptop is plugged into the TV.

I've always loved Logitech quality, this one continues the reputation.


I had an M305 for a little over a year before it died on me. Up until then, it was pretty awesome and perfectly sized for my tiny girl hands. Logitech is sending me a new one at no cost or I'd definitely buy this one. Great deal.