dealshaier 6 bottle wine cellar for $57.99 + free…


@thinkerer: I could not agree more! I have one of their 12 bottle coolers and the thing ran all the time. Originally, I thought this wasn't using too much power. I plugged it into a Kill-A-Watt and saw that it was drawing a good amount of power. That led me to google the cooling technology and I saw that it was extremely non-efficient but was desirable in circumstances where you didn't want vibration of a compressor turning on.
Over the course of 24 hours, the 12 bottle cooler during the summer would use more electricity than my full size fridge.
Needless to say, I stopped buying wine with the purpose to age it in this style cooler.


Ever notice that manufacturers of thermoelectric coolers NEVER post the power draw and you never see the little "Energy Star" on them?

These thing suck serious amps and are thermodynamically inefficient - this will only give you a 20 - 25° temperature difference and will run all the time.

Go to WallyWorld and spend an extra $10 on a dorm-sized vapor-compression refrigerator and turn the thermostat to a warm setting. You'll still get ice cubes, plus it won't brown out the whole neighborhood.


I normally just put ice cubes in my Pinot, so could this instead be used for storing 2-liters of soda in the office?

Joking about the ice cube thing... chilled plastic mugs all the way... joking.


@snosbig: Uhhh you drink white wine at room temp? ewe


eeeew!...Chilled Wine?...Why?


Same thing for the same price on Amazon.

Though strangely Amazon gives it a "list price" of $20 less, go figure.


I've got a larger Haier wine fridge (dual zone) and it works great. Just clean off the filter that keeps the fan clean every couple months and it'll last a long time.