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I'd probably throw away the McAfee disc (since you'll have to pay for a subscription in a year), but that's a good price for the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, which works pretty well in my experience.


Keep Malwarebytes. Throw out McAfee, it's a pile.


And here I actually have the opportunity to prove that I wouldn't take McAfee if they were giving it away for free...


I remember when McAfee was a great company; then the 90’s happened.


Anyone else see that Dateline piece on how McAfee is pretty much batshit crazy nowadays?


@racinreaver: That's the founder, who no longer runs the company. Here's a handy guide to keep them straight:

John McAfee: nutbag whackadoodle murderer.

McAfee Inc.: maker of subpar anti-virus software.


@joemarfice: I guess that's true. McAfee is only subpar, Norton murders computers. ;)


I'll admit, the only reason I clicked on this is to read the comments.


Yeah, the only reason I click on this was so I could make a bad joke like this:
John McAfee, founder of the antivirus firm is wanted by Belize cops for murder. In his defense, the murder victim was loaded with spyware.


I was just checking the going rate on eBay. I have bought freebies in the past and posted them on eBay, but this... there's one ending soon with 3 PC protection for a whopping $2.50. Not worth it.