dealskindle fire + $50 wal-mart gc for $200.00


@panthiest: Where does it say free shipping?


@dcalotta: That was in response to a now deleted comment


Any chance I could buy one and use android apps on it? For example the amazing humble bundle deal going on right now?


@nuclearshadow: You can sideload APKs if you enable it in the settings, or if you want to go balls-out you can root it and install stock Android with the full Android Market and all, though it can be a bit daunting unless you're a bit of a geek. Of course anything in Amazon's own market is available as well either way.


@akarimco: perhaps you can root it, but you won't get the benefits of prime reading and probably some other things too...


I almost bought one the other day..glad I waited.. although now I'll have to pay tax..unless Amazon price matches.. :-)


Do you know if this is in store, on-line or both?


@robsrants Actually...once you root the Kindle Fire and install the regular Android market, you can use Voodoo OTA RootKeeper app (from the market) to perform a temporary unroot. Once you temp unroot, Amazon Prime videos work perfectly as well as the Android market. You can use the same app to reroot as needed. This way you get the full Android Market as well as retaining access to Amazon video.

You really only need root access to install the market. I use this setup and it works great. Although...most of the Android market icons aren't high res enough to display properly on the carousel. They look a bit blurry.