deals50% off select blu-ray box sets


Hey, Richardlb!

I went for the Robocop Trilogy and The Steve McQueen Collection - both were half-price on blu-ray discs (At $29.00 for both sets, a really EXCELLENT buy!)

But what REALLY turned me on was when I was browsing their site, I came across a "double-feature" disc, "The Night Stalker and The Night Strangler" together on one DVD (or 2... I don't know or care as long as they're both there!) Those are two horror CLASSICS from the 70's (before they made a series out of it), and who doesn't remember Darrin McGavin (R.I.P.), as reporter Kolchak, being a royal pain in the ass until everyone realizes what he's seeing is true (and scary!) This was a real find, and only $9.99, while Amazon's selling it for $47.99!

Thanks for turning me (and everyone) on to this terrific deal! I would have gotten more boxed sets on sale if I didn't have 'em already!