dealsmotorola behind-the-neck bluetooth stereo headset…


I've said it before and I'll say it again.. I love my set.. 2 years running 8+ hours of music and talk on my iphone... Every single person I let borrow them buys their own set. :)


EMCNCHD89 code drops them to 29.99. FYI. Only for today, though!


I bought this set of head phones two months ago. I love them, easy to connect to my ipod or phone. They do stay on your head well, sound quality was impressive. I def would buy these headphones again.


I used these for about a year as my primary workout headset before I had to give them up. The issue for me was the total lack of (outgoing) noise cancellation during phone calls. Callers always complained to me about the deafening racket they heard if I was in a moderately noisy environment; the headset microphone would also GREATLY amplify certain ambient sounds in a distressing way for callers, ie., if I was running water in my kitchen sink, shuffling papers, unwrapping anything in shrinkwrap, etc. I got so tired of the complaints that I switched to another stereo headset with noise cancellation (Backbeats by Jabra)---problem solved. I miss the lightweight comfort of the Moto set however.

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