dealscast iron grill grates - mangrate for $0.00


It comes out to $12.99 with shipping not including tax but Its still a good deal.


It's worth the price for sure. I think the deal is just on a single Mangrate but perhaps you can order and send to another address. Or, try adding more to the cart and see what happens. It seems that most grills require at least 4 grates.


You can't add additional items with this code. So if I got your "free" 1/4 grill top and ordered the other three to have an actual cast iron grill top it would cost me $104.97 + $12.99 = 117.96 . How does shipping one grill top go for $12.99 but for 3 the shipping is $15?
HUGE PASS. Plus the site looks shady as hell.

Wonderful concept though. I'd love to have a cast iron grill top but not for half the price my grill cost.