dealsstar trek (captain kirk) art print poster - 11x17…


The only problem with this is that is is not painted on black velvet.


Buy one for your wife, as an anniversary present.
She will be forever grateful.


I've always wanted a cray pas Kirk!


Frame it nice and hang it in my media room in that space too small for a movie poster. For now.


I bought this poster last month. Women followed the UPS delivery truck as it approached, sensing something awesome and manly was being delivered. The crowd of women were thick as the delivery man opened his door. He barely made it to the door before the women ripped off his brown shorts and short sleeved khaki shirt as their pheromones were whipped up into a sexual frenzy. Undaunted by the display, I was able to retrieve the parcel before these middle aged amazons were able to react to my presence.

I deftly slipped back into my home, locking the doors and windows behind me. I shuttered the windows to keep the hoard of aroused females from seeing the prized Captain Kirk print. As I opened the package, I could see immediately the power of the Tiberius. Handsome, mysterious, athletic, virile and aggressive are the traits of the greatest Starship captain ever to lead the Enterprise. This print delivers all of these traits with such power it is difficult to put it all into words.



Pros: Its f*king James Tiberius Kirk!
Cons: Not available in mural size.


matthewjfazio, the disturbing thing about that Kirk on Black Velvet link is works! I am feeling the pull and a desire to cover one wall of my condo in wood paneling so that this will have an appropriate home...