dealsclarisonic mia 2 sonic cleansing system & peter…


Cool, when it breaks I can use my sonic screwdriver to fix it!


Umm, without the goop these are $99 shipped from these guys over here------------->

The buy .com ad that says $95


Amazon has them cheaper in different colors and w/ different goop. + Free ship !


@videowallart: actually the deal on the side is old and the price is up. Plus it's the Mia not the Mia 2. So not really fair to compare. But still, it is less elsewhere , unless of course you want their color and goop.


@videowallart: You're probably not aware that some of us use an ad-blocker, so we have no clue what your ---------> refers to? And as I understand it, the side ads are not the same for everyone.


Sorry, I was referring to the similar deals block, I didn't realize that that wasn't common to all woot users, and I stand corrected on the models. Mea Culpa Mea Maxima Maxima Culpa