dealssony dvp-sr200p/b progressive scan dvd player for…


Also, More will be added long after the site says SOLD OUT. Be persistent. People will add to cart and never pay. These will be re-offered. Until a totally different item pops up or sale, more will come up.


Thanks for the deal dude! I got one for my 5 year old nephew...$13.xx bucks (I even think shipping was more expensive than the DVD itself! I got better shipping for $.99 more) isn't bad for a throw around DVD player that won't matter if it breaks. That is, if I don't get this one DOA! He will be 6 in February, so even if this doesn't come in time, I got a great gift for when he turns 6. Granted, I will be sure that it works the day I get it!


seems dead to me...i've tried a few times


Just worked for me. Must be the Christmas Miracle, Charlie Brown...