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They were impressed with camera, but not with the image quality it provided.


It is a capable camera but lacking for video and noisy as hell at high ISO, no viewfinder and difficult to see the screen in daylight - the 01 standard prime lens is worthless (there is nothing prime about it other than the name) - you want the zoom lens and you'll use it 95% of the time or more.

Newegg has the same camera in black with the zoom lens (minus the 01 standard prime lens) for $299.99, free ship.

For $35 you can buy an adapter and use Olympus lenses and save huge $$ if you are smart enough to pull focus for yourself.

This is light years from being a woot! worthy buy - let alone a good deal. That kit lens isn't worth a $200 surcharge. Buy this later after the first of January and you'll save even more.


Interesting rerto look. I smell a hipster trap.


Can get a brand new Canon T3i for the same price. DealFail...


So, you want the 8.5mm prime. It's the better lens, sharp and fast. You cannot fit a T3i in your jeans pocket. You can fit this little thing almost anywhere. Go look on google for a picture of it in somebody's hands. It's TINY. Furthermore, with a Pentax K-mount adapter you have access to inexpensive, fast manual-focus glass. With the 5x crop factor, a cheap 50mm f1.7 prime is now a 250mm f1.7 telephoto. A 100mm f3.5 macro is now a 500mm f3.5 telephoto and macro. Focus peaking makes manual focus a breeze too, and the image quality may not be up there with an SLR... but it's the best in the sensor class. Cheaper deals can be had, but it's an amazing camera nonetheless.


Newegg's sale is over - keep in mind they've put out the new Q10, which is why prices on these are falling like a brick. If you really want this camera, wait until after Christmas and it will be ~$200 I guarantee you.

As for the 01 standard prime lens being better - it may be small and it might be a good choice for portability, but NO ONE I know that has this camera uses it all the time if they have access to the 02 zoom - the 01 never gets mounted again, regardless of size.

I had a video project where I compared this camera to the Sony, Olympus and the Nikon and the Panny GH series, the Sony was by far the best camera for stills and the GH2 rocked for video - if you have the scratch, look at the new GH3 from Panasonic and never look back. Best micro four thirds camera ever made.


@theghastlyghost: Because a super small Micro 3/4 and a full size DSLR are the same thing?


@gregbowman: I own this camera and think the video mode is actually quite nice. It has manual video controls, unlike the k-5 that I also own.

The screen is polarized to protect it from the sunlight. So if you are wearing sunglasses it will block out the display, which is how variable ND filters work.

It isn't the best camera I've ever owned, image quality isn't amazing, low-light is pretty bad; but I still love it and the size makes it a pretty great street photography camera.


If you want a retro-esque look for a camera, but also want a LOT of manual features with great video and image quality and a very robust build quality, I'd suggest the Fujifilm x10. I photograph professionally (though I'm an animator by trade) and I fell in love with the X10 the first time I saw one. There's a better version - the X100 - but that one costs $2,000.

The X10 is on Amazon for $50 more than this Pentax, right now.

(I should note that I do NOT own either of these cameras - though I wish I did - but I have used them, intend to purchase the X10 or its offspring at some point, and have read several exhaustive reviews about it.)


Funny, I use my 50mm prime on my dSLR more than I use any zoom lens. I know a lot of people who are much the same. A zoom is no substitute for fast, sharp glass, especially in low light situations.

Remember, this $499 kit comes with two lenses, you can't get a t4i or a fuji with two lenses for anything near this price.

At B&H Photo, it's $346 with one lens (you can get it with either the prime or the zoom). You can't touch a comparable MILC camera (with a lens) for that price.



I have one, and I use the 01 prime. Its two to three fstops faster than the zoom. Using it indoors is a no brainer compared to the zoom. It also has the same field of view as my favorite lens, the Pentax FA 31 Limited.


It seems to be a great little camera for what it is. But as some may claim that this is better than an SLR, or DSLR, it is far short. Ladies and Gents, there is no viewfinder on this camera. None! Nada!
So, you are at the beach and it is a bright full sun shine day. Do you really think you are going to be able to acquire and shoot your image by looking at a LED screen? No Way!

Why anyone would spend $100 more for a P&S than you would on an SLR with a "real viewfinder" and in addition to the LED, just is something I can not understand. This camera offers a lot but the price tag goes way past what it offers.


There are places I simply don't take my SLR -- because it's too big, too inconvenient, and frankly too expensive. There are hardcore viewfinder fanboys out there, and this camera is obviously not for them. But the screen is not bad at all, and I've never had a problem framing a picture using solely a screen -- even screens with much less contrast than this. Sure, in bright sunlight it's washed out, but that doesn't mean you can't see well enough to frame a shot.

Again, this camera is obviously not for everyone, but if you notice the most vocal people are already predisposed against it for one shortcoming, and have never held one in their hands, played with it, or taken a single photo.

If you're moving up from a point and shoot, this is a great bridge camera. If you need a small, tiny camera with great stills and pretty damn good video, this is a great camera. If you want to do extreme telephoto with fast glass, this is a great camera. Or if you just want to piss of naysayers. :)