dealstasker - android app for $1.99


I cannot recommend this app enough. It's not exactly user-friendly, but once you get the hang of it, you can automate ANYTHING on your phone. I mean anything. To ridiculous levels. I can't imagine owning an Android without it.


I've been waiting for this to go down in price for months. So far only have been able to successfully make the music app open when a headset is inserted (and returning to home screen when unplugged), but other things will definitely take time for me to learn. Google + several hours of reading forums and whatnot.


There's a WiFi on and off profile on the wiki listed under advanced. It's based on your cell towers and it's pretty good. All you have to do is import it, nothing to learn.


You have to buy it for this price. I just did.

It will never be free.


I love this app. I have it set up so if I'm at work (strict cell phone policy) my phone won't ring, hangs up, and sends a text saying I'm at work. I also turn on wifi when I'm at home, GPS when on maps or navigation, etc. Well worth $2


Ha! I recently passed on this because of the price and purchased AutomateIt Pro ($1.60), also a very good automation app and less steep a learning curve. Knowing the power of this app, I went ahead and purchased it anyway, even though AutomateIt is doing everything I could possibly want right now. At this price I could not pass it up.

Thanks for posting... I definitely would have missed this!


Another recommendation from me. I've had this app for a long time now and I'm not sure I could get by without it or something similar anymore. For starters, I have it set to put my phone on vibrate when it detects the WiFi network at my office, and only on weekdays (so it doesn't mute if I'm there on the weekend). I can't remember the frustration of my phone ringing at work because I forgot to mute it :)