dealstotal beauty collection revlon edition, $30 value…


I'm a huge fan of 50% off. However, I haven't found make-up collections to be a good value. I always end up not using some of the items, due to the specific type or color included. I'm wondering if others have had the same experience.


Agreed! I find collections most useful for the occasional party when you want to mix things up a bit and for those times when you have guests over and they've forgotten something at home.


I bought this exact item when it was posted as a deal several days ago. It arrived just this morning, and -- unexpectedly -- all four items will be useable. I haven't bought collections of products in years, since they seldom contain merchandise I can actually use, but this one sounded as if it might work for me, and it did.

So I'm happy with the products and the price, but unless one just likes to try new products collections seldom seem to be a good value.


Agree with the above comments about makeup collections. I'll keep a couple things and give the rest away. I've learned my lesson. Only buy what you will use