dealslg petcare canister vac (new) for $279.99 + $5.00…


No idea if this vacuum is any good, but I can't stop thinking that the canister in metallic green vaguely reminds me of a helmet from Halo...


I really don't think I'll be able to convince the dogs or the cats to sit still while I vacuum them. It's all I can do to vacuum the floors without the Aussies making sneak attacks on our refurbed Dyson.


@lavikinga: Make that 2 more Aussies on attack. This vac looks like it could be a duck with no head, makes it even tastier!


The comments at amazon are worth reading. Generally great reviews, but also a significant number of people had theirs lose suction and/or had wiring issues, and some had trouble with getting warranty repairs done right.


I too have had my problems with warranty, I sent mine in only after 30 days of owning it. The part it needed was BO so after 2 weeks I called and spoke to someone in America and they just sent me a new one. If you need warranty service make sure you speak to someone in the states, they will take care of you.
My problem was were the handle and the tube snap together. The plug inside broke because it has these two tiny pieces of plastic that broke, and that just happened from using it, the stress from going back and forth fatigued the plastic. Just a overall bad design. But while its working it is awesome! This thing picks up everything.