dealskitchenaid pro 600 stand mixer for $349.99 + free…


I believe this is about $120 cheaper at costco....


@kamikazeken: you may be thinking of the Artisan line. The tilt head mixers run cheaper than these. This price isn't amazing, but it's decent.


i could never justify buying one for $569.99...
I would buy a used motorcycle and attach a scythe to the axel >_<


@thumperchick: nope, I got my 6-quart that has the elevating head, NOT the tilt head for $229 at costco.

edit: NM, mine's the professional 550, not the 600. Not sure what the difference is between the 550 and the 600 models, though.


other than the 1/2 quart difference in bowl size. The motor is the same, I believe.


Actually has this exact model for $289.99


Amazon will run this mixer for $259 with a $50 rebate. Just wait on the Amazon deal. That is what I paid for it last year around this time. GREAT mixer the motor is more powerful and the extra quart does make a difference when cooking for a larger family or batches of cakes.


@evilnoodle: But only available in black or white ...


I cannot comment on the specific price but I love this mixer. I affectionately call mine the cement mixer as it will mix anything without strain. The PTO attachments that are available are excellent additions for specific needs. I have the grinder and its excellent for making sausage and applesauce. Just be sure to wash it out between making the two or the applesauce has a strange aftertaste.


I read the comments and obviously, many are comparing apples and oranges!!! The "tilt head" has a 250 watt motor, these have 575 watts.......a little more don't you think! Also this is a 6 qt most of the tilt heads are 4-5 qt. This is $50 cheaper than Over Stock, $150 cheaper than Kohls (before any % you might have). The shipping is free and there is an available $10 coupon, and by the way there are no sales tax. Before you comment, you should at least try to be accurate with the info!...Update, it does appear that the Costco is $289.99 (with mfg discount), but there is shipping if you are not close which is over $19 and sales tax. Since this site says it will not be undersold...I have send them a request for the rebate! Will update when I receive a response!


@shipsmate: Please do update this thread. My wife has been waiting 5 years to get one and I think this is the year.


Prettywootprincess, how about finding us some deals on accessories for these babies. The really cool edge scrapper attachments are a little spendy and we could use some deals on them and other attachments. :)


@squirtle456: This. We registered for one of the tilt-head models and didn't get it, only to learn that my bride's mom had an older professional model in the basement that we could have fo' free. Now we're looking for the best deals on attachments.


Amazon currently has this is varying prices from $394 to $449, with the more expensive being colors not carried by Amazon. If you are looking for one of the "off" colors (not Empire Red, White, or Black) you are not going to find a lower price. I personally wonder why somebody would want a pink, yellow, or green apple mixer, if you (or somebody you know) has their heart set one one, go ahead and pull the trigger.


First - To get it at that price you have to be a Costco Member, which not everyone in the world is. Otherwise you get an extra $17.50 Tacked on, Shipping and Handling is $19.99, and tax is $20.76 for me, so total cost at Costco after the $60.00 Rebate = $348.24...

Next – I thought it was too good to be true, and it is. That’s not even a real KitchenAid Pro 600, it’s a Costco “exclusive” model that nobody else sells, so good luck getting replacement parts when it inevitably breaks, because any “exclusive” model for a big box chain means CHEAP!

I’ll be buying the real Pro 600 from these guys for 349.99.


Hey guys! Just thought we'd jump in here and clear a few things up! :)

The mixer that is being referred to at Costco is the Professional 6000 HD which is an exclusive to Costco. And @dfrost85 is correct, when an exclusive mixer is offered to a store, purchasing replacement parts/attachments for them can be difficult, especially after they are no longer offered. In addition, the Costco mixer can only be added to cart in black or white - the KitchenAid Pro 600 at EK is available in 13 colors!

So, after all taxes, shipping and fees, the Costco mixer may be about $2 cheaper than the Pro 600, but keep in mind you are not getting the same mixer. Hope this helps!


@asianglow: I have been considering using the pto off of my cj5. I am pretty sure I could make that work.


I have one of these, and it's an animal. I extrude pasta and mix pizza dough, and it doesn't come close to bogging down on power. I only have 2 detractors about it:
1) It's tall. Fitting under upper cabinets is a very close fit for counter top residency. Plus its weight makes that fit a little more precarious to negotiate.
2) The base. The big base is cast metal. The underside finished edges are somewhat rough, and will kill a laminate countertop if you try to slide it, making #1 ↑ an even more PITA.


@dfrost85: Exactly, there are no Costcos in Oklahoma, so I am not a member. Besides, the concept of paying a "membership" in order to save a little money seems self-defeating.

Personally, I have one of these and love it! We lucked into a clearance deal on Amazon on a discontinued color, and snatched it up for $269 in 2008. I'd have no problem paying $349 for it now.

One caveat, it's very tall, and doesn't fit in or under any of our cabinets. It's also extremely heavy. So we leave it out on display on our island. It's a reminder to use it, and we do. Plus, our friends drool when they see it.


I paid $260 for mine on Amazon


@shipsmate: Just to update, the company is unable to match the price as it really is a different product as indicated by some of the other comments. I still think it is a very good the color choices!!


My wife wants one of these for Christmas.... But at this price I would rather buy her a set of diamond earrings and take my chances.


These mixers make making chocolate chip cookies easy even if you don't have softened butter


the main benefit of buying the costco one is that you can literally return it FOREVER. Costco's return policy is unbeatable.... you can buy something like this, work it to death for a decade, and they'll still give you a full refund, even if you don't have the receipt. They can look up every item you've bought, no matter how long you've been a member.


@kbsig106: Buy it. Seriously. If your wife likes to bake or cook, this version (the 600) is a game changer. Cakes, cookies, mashed sweet potatoes, creaming butter, and all mixing jobs are a breeze. One other thing, too: with the heavy duty motor, these are still built to last. Mine is 5 years old and still looks brand new. Your wife will love it, and I bet will appreciate that you went first class on this.