dealshighlander (director's cut) (blu-ray) for $5.00


Read the fine print:

You cannot order this if you are on holy ground.
You can only order this by yourself, someone cannot help you.
You cannot order the children's version.
All those that order will feel drawn to a distant land to gather to fight for the bonus content.
You may lose your copy because, in the end, there can be only one copy.


@bigshtank: I just ordered the "only" copy ... na,!, um .. I mean I apologize to everyone for getting the only copy! tee hee.


Same price at Amazon. Ordered one yesterday but the price is still $5 today.


I very much like the original Highlander movie as well as the TV series.

We own the DVD version. We often buy the Blu-ray versions as well. But read those Amazon reviews - especially the credibly written critical reviews. According to them the Blu-ray transfer is very weak, going from very grainy to very high resolution throughout the movie. We'll be sticking with the old DVD version.

BTW, $5 still there at both Walmart and Amazon.


@bluemaple: Maybe there's a remaster/boxed set of Highlander on the horizon? The new (JJ Abrams) Star Trek movies are also cheap right now on Blu-ray (Amazon) but "The Compendium" is coming next month - both films with all the extras and an IMAX transfer of "Into Darkness."


Thanks a lot deals.woot ...I ended up going to Amazon, where my $5 movie purchase rapidly turned into a $37 "gotta-get-free-shipping" purchase! :-P


@minngreengt: You should get Prime! My copy was delivered in 2 days for free. The transfer actually isn't too bad, though the audio could use an overhaul. It definitely shows its age. But I'd say it's worth the $5 to upgrade the DVD.


@mrboylan - either way, it will certainly be a huge upgrade from my dusty, unloved VHS tape!