dealsskyfall - widescreen - dvd & blu-ray for $19.99…


That's the wrong link, but the right price. Link goes to DVD only, which is $16.99. Blu-ray / DVD combo is $19.99:,%207734214_&lp=1&cp=1

Of course, bestbuy links are notorious for not working well with deals.woot


@autocrosser: The bestbuy version includes the digital copy as well; I didn't realize anyone cared about those. As the same "DVD+Blu-Ray+Digital Copy" pack seems to be everywhere (Target, BestBuy, KMart, WalMart) I expect the Amazon pack is the same.

Hence Amazon is saving you the tax, if you don't mind waiting longer to get it.


Price went up today (2/17/13), hereby expired.