dealsdriveway patrol sensor and receiver kit for $12.95


I actually use this item a bit differently: My Gran is high fall risk/dementia and I use this in her bedroom to alert me when she gets out of bed in case I'm not in that area of the house. Installation is simply putting a nail in the wall and hanging it.

The alarm has 2 volumes: loud and holy crap you just gave me a heart attack loud.

Price is cheaper than what I paid for mine ($18).


Who says what you don't know can't hurt you...
This just tripled me saying "get off my damn lawn"


I think I'm mainly going to use it as a tip off my mail is here so I can rush and get my package from Woot.


I love mine. I use it to alert me to when cats are using my planter box as a litter box. On semi-cloudy days, this will trigger every few minutes as clouds cause changes in shadows.


One nice thing about this is the receiver will also operate on rechargeable AA cells. AA batts are the same length as C cells and the drain isn't that high.


I own one of these already and it's crap. Would probably work fine inside the house (like suggested for granny), but as an actual "driveway" alarm, it's not worth the money. I had to go out and buy another because it wouldn't work.


FWIW, we have been using the same product sold by Harbor Freight for about a year and happy with them. The plastic has started to fade in the sun and I don't expect these units to last long. we have 2 detectors on the same channel at each entrance of a U-shaped drive. On cold (in Southern California) they can be triggered by condensation evaporating. Animals also set it off.

They "list" at $30 but are always on sale to some degree, we regularly get a coupon for $12.