dealsgoogle nexus 7 fhd (2013) android tablet 16gb…


Sorry all for the failure to mention the Mail-in Rebate in the title. Didn't realize until it was too late.

If a moderator sees this, can you please add it or permit me to edit? I'd prefer to keep this straightforward.


@lostporcupine: You can self tattle, and ask a mod to do that for you. They probably won't see it on this thread. Thanks for catching it, and trying to get it fixed! :-)


Fantastic tablet (I have one). But I also have had a bad experience with a refurbed Android tablet, which had its EMMC go dead within 9 months.

In short, you don't know who refurbished this, and by the time you get done paying for a SquareTrade warranty, you're close enough to retail ($229, or $199 if you can wait for sales or hunt a little) that you might as well get a new one (which comes with a warranty).

Plus, mail-in rebates are a hassle.

Still, great tablet! Fast, light, solid, great camera, great with games and graphics. State-of-the-art, really.