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Wow, this even has the e-350. This is as good as vendor pricing.


This would be the perfect laptop for me but sadly I do not have the money. =/


I use to love ThinkPads, but they're not built like they use to be. My T400 has had a ton of problems since I purchased it 3 years ago. OEM battery expired 2 years ago, and I hardly ever used the battery since my laptop is always plugged into a surge protector. Hard drive expired a year ago. PC would overheat and fan would blow constantly until I replaced hard drive and reinstalled Windows. The keyboard flexes more than my other Gateway and Dell laptops. I've poped open the palm rest to upgrade RAM like I'm suppose to two years ago, and the palm rest has been squeaking ever since whenever I rest my hands on it no matter how much I tighten the screws that hold it in place. All in all this might sound like a good deal, but be warned that Lenovo ThinkPads are built worse than Acer's.


I've been waiting for this laptop to show up again. Just placed and order for one!


VERY tempting, but I've been saving my money for an x220...


I ordered this item off moofi the last time it showed up to replace an older Aspire One. I could not be happier with my purchase. And here are the reasons why you should get this item too:

1. The CPU (E350) is one of the better netbook processors on the market. lists the PassMark score as 726 while the Intel N570 only gets 639 (at a higher price point too).
2. Battery life is phenomenal from my experience. After a bit of tweaking, it's easy to get a good 6-7 hours out of the battery.
3. It's ugly. This may not sound like a good thing, but packing this kind of a punch (CPU, RAM, etc.) into something visually unappealing has its perks. Since it looks like it's an old laptop, it's less likely to be stolen than, say, one of those newer, shinier laptops.
4. Fast boot speed from sleep. My old Aspire One took forever to resume Windows, but this one launches a lot faster.

I'm running out of characters, as well as ideas, so I'll leave it at that.


Did some quick research despite not being able to afford something like this at the moment... what I found:
This laptop/netbook appears to run well with (some of the up-to-date) GNU/Linux distros, notably Linux Mint 12. There are open source and proprietary drivers, and (apparently) the open ones fall behind on GPU performance and power management.
The battery life tops out at about four hours in practical usage, for several people, using the (included) six-cell battery.
For Windows users, there may be a significant amount performance to gain by removing the OEM bloat, though this was only mentioned in a review of a model with 2GB RAM.
RAM is upgradeable to 8GB, with two slots available. DDR3 is rather inexpensive lately.
It'll beat anything with an AMD Neo or Intel Atom with any Intel integrated graphics, but still won't 'game' well.
I'm tired, lost the links (sorry), and mostly skimmed for info. Use this as guide for your own research and don't blame me if I'm wrong...
Hope it helps!

qn4 qn4

I have the Ideapad S205, which has identical components to this Thinkpad. I upgraded to a SSD and 8GB RAM, and it's fairly snappy. Although, on certain tasks, like installing a new version of Chrome, I can tell the processor is struggling. It is only a netbook, afterall.

Hardware accelerated 1080p videos (H.264) can be played without trouble through the HDMI cable. A lot of games can be played at the native screen resolution with low settings. Examples would be Half Life 2, Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead 2, Starcraft 2, Fallout 3. This is by no means a gaming netbook, but you could easily get a quick fix if you don't have access to your desktop.

The screen is pretty nice for a netbook, but I wish it got a tad brighter.

The battery is pretty small (6 cell) compared to other E-350 powered netbooks. I can get about 5 hours of internet use and almost 4 of watching a movie.

All in all, this is a steal at this price if you keep in mind that it's a netbook, and not a full blown laptop.


Only one thing bugging me about the design: It has both a keyboard cli... er.. pointing device AND a touchpad?


@robinbobcat: That is correct, this model features both. Why? I honestly have no clue.


have a thinkpad; all i can say is its been the worst experience i've ever had owning a laptop.


very very tempting. I love my thinkpad but I'm not ready to pull the trigger on a new one just yet.


I missed this machine last time it was a Woot, but now that it's here again, I'm having a hard time knowing whether I should still buy it.


@majhimujhuko: and @robinbobcat: It has both a keyboard joystick pointing device AND a touchpad. If you want the Lenovo software allows you to disable one or the other.
Speaking of modifying the touchpad, the touchpad settings are many. For example out of the box I do not like the touchpad it is too sensitive for me when I am typing on it suddenly I accidentally mouse click and I am typing in the wrong location. I can go into settings and turn up the palm detection setting to avoid this. I also press too hard on the touchpad, there is a setting for that. I also disable the side scroll area of the touchpad. It has a two finger scrolling option.


@fixindan: dude, just because you had issues doesn't mean that lenovo laptops are built worse than acers. Wanna know why your battery died? Because you always leave it plugged in!! You need to regularly drain the battery to nothing and recharge it or else it will lose capacity (this goes for all laptops). I also have a t400, about the same age, and I have had ZERO issues with it. My wife has gone through 3 laptops in the same time period (sony, hp, acer). I've recommended lenovos to her and my mom and both of theirs are still working very well. ThinkPads are still regarded as some of the best built and strongest laptops in the market. You seem to be an anomaly.

@majhimujhuko: because the pointing stick is the best mouse device for laptops in the world!! holy crap!! I have a t400 and I LOVE the little red ball. I turned off the touchpad and now I hate using touch pads. The pointing stick is WAY more intuitive and requires less movement, especially from a typing position.


Very positive commments overall from the Wooters that know way more than I do. Been looking for a replacement to an OLD DOG Gateway desktop, and very impressed with the specs...and, its very hard to compare this to other Lenovo's out there.

QUESTION - is there any difference between this and Lenovo ThinkPad X120e's with what appears to be the same specs? Amazon has one that appears to be the same for $500 and has very positive reviews overall. If not, then why are the model numbers different?


@tipsandthoughts: At the bottom of the product page it says it is in fact an X120e.


@majhimujhuko: could you please elaborate on what tweaking you did to improve battery life? gratitude

k87 k87

This looks interesting as a replacement for my daughter (first year college student), but I don't see any mention of an optical drive like a dvd or cd. Would I need to purchase an external DVD drive? Also, could anyone comment about the size. Is it too small to function as student laptop?


@ojbiii: Yes you would need to get an external USB CD/DVD drive.

In my opinion the smaller the better for a student laptop. It's more portable and easier to lug around in a backpack. And as someone mentioned earlier - less "stealing"-prone since it's very bland looking compared to other laptops.


Here's a good firsthand review, as opposed to a bunch of graphs and numbers:


It comes with a 1 year Lenovo warranty - use AMEX, its doubled to 2 years.
Is it worth it to do the SquareTrade for an additional $50? (3 year warranty) If so, why?


@tipsandthoughts: Personally, no. You've done what you can to maximize the warranty without additional cost - kudos. In 2 years you can probably buy this machine for $50, and that's not figuring in opportunity cost of what you could be doing with $50 in the mean time.

That being said if you sleep better knowing you can use this machine in 3 years if you want to, then $50 is cheap insurance, and I've been very happy with square trade.


I am a grad student in chemistry, and I am seriously considering this to replace my aging Asus EEE PC 901. I agree completely with @pael. The smaller the better for college students. My prof bought me a 13" Macbook Pro and, after using the eee for the past 4-5 years, the thing is unbearably huge (and very shoddily-made, not to mention how much OSX sucks).

I really want to hold out for the x130e, because the battery life is so much better in the second-gen fusion apus... But for $200 less, I'm seriously, seriously considering this...


@bigscout79: Thanks for your thoughts...I have not had any experience with SquareTrade, and typically loathe exteneded warranties, as I have heard from so many others that their real product is taking money and telling people why their problem is not covered by their extended warranty. If I was to get an exended warranty, SquareTrade does however does look like a great company from what I could see.
I called 10 min ago called them - spoke to a rep within 1 min (very good sign) and was told I have 90 days to purchase if wanted...again, a good sign.

FINALLY - made the leap and just purchased. My birthday was on the 28th; I typically hear from my wife how hard it is to buy for me because I sometimes get what she wanted to get for I can tell her I got what I needed but did not get on my birthday!!


Good reviews all around. I would buy it, if not for the Samsung laptop I bought here not too long ago. The win pro OS itself is worth half the price.


Ran the numbers, and although I'm about $50 shy of definitely having the money, in for 1.


@majhimujhuko: This is last year's model. I recently bought the new version which includes an E-450 processor for $530. If you don't have to have the absolutely latest piece of tech, then this is a terrific deal. Mine works perfectly with openSUSE 12.1. The only thing I don't quite like is the clickpad - I would prefer a traditional touchpad. But by tweaking the behavior of it with synaptiks (Linux), I've got it working how I want.


@anorion: Mine replaced my EEEPC 900A. You won't be disappointed.


@quantamm The eee 900a from Woot a few years back? My dad loved his, until he closed some headphones in it.

Edit: This one?



Great little laptop, had it for a 1yr. 1st thing I did was upgrade to 4GB and replaced HD to SSD (Kingston-SV100S2N/128GZ). SSD kit had external case so I ended up with a portable usb drive using original HD

1. Ultraportable - 3.0lbs. Since I bring it everyday, I like the small size + weight.
2. Screensize is small 11.6" - still get a good screen resolution (Win7 max @ 1366x768).
3. HDMI - use it constantly to connect to my 56" HDTV.
4. pad vs pointer stick - just a matter of choice. It's good to have options.
5. CPU is an E-350. This isnt a gaming laptop, dont expect it to be. But it's fine if you just run some lightweight games, browse the web, office, videos, etc.
6. Keyboard is normal size even as an ultra portable.

@k87 - replaced HD with SSD. Even w/ brightness turned up, i get 3-4+. Plus boot time is <40 sec.

if you bring your notebook everywhere because you're a student, a wifi hotspot/caffein junkie, or on-call a lot (like me), your shoulder will thank you for it.


@grissum1: "3. HDMI - use it constantly to connect to my 56" HDTV."

So... on that TV, does it display 720, or is the graphic card able to display up to 1080?

Also, I noticed that this does not have IR (as do many full PC thinkpads), right?

So, control of the displayed info on the big screen would need to be via keyboard/mouse or a third party IR ISB device, right?



@k87: I just played with the battery settings with Lenovo's built in application until I found something I liked.


@zebraitis - by default, as soon as i plug in the hdmi, it duplicates my screen to the TV @ 1366x768. But if i show my desktop to only show through the HDTV, I can use 1920x1080.
If I extend my desktop (not duplicate), the external is still capable of doing 1920x1080 and the laptop lcd is 1366x768.
Yes, controls are still the keyboard/mouse but i use the Lenovo multimedia remote -


D'oh. The I Want One button was bouncing and I finally decided to buy it. Added it to my cart and hit the 'info looks good' button... and boom. Sold out. :-(


@zebraitis: The Lenovo remote cited looks great...always wanted to use my big screen as a giant monitor! Also, I am hoping that other remotes will work -- I have a Logitech Harmony; hoping that what will do the trick as well - will see....


The Lenovo remote cited looks great...always wanted to use my big screen as a giant monitor! Also, I am hoping that other remotes will work -- I have a Logitech Harmony; hoping that what will do the trick as well - will see....


@grissum1: I love the update version of that remote (N5902), which now has backlighting and an optical sensor for the mouse.


(reformatted ...)

@tipsandthoughts: "The Lenovo remote cited looks great. Also, I am hoping that other remotes will work -- I have a Logitech Harmony"

Good to hear that this will do 1080. Great for a lightweight AND to run XBMC Media Center.

I'm a big fan of Logitech Harmony (have 3 @ Harmony one and 1 @ Harmony 900). You will need a USB IR Dongle to have the Harmony One work, but that is not a deal-breaker.

I use my Harmony as primary device for every entertainment center. As such, the Lenovo Remote is overkill.

Since you would need a RF Dongle for the Lenovo, you may wish to consider this as an smaller & less expensive alternative:

May not work for everyone, but works great for me.


@robinbobcat: Yep. TrackPoint. It rocks.

That is why I never bought an IdeaPad (or a Mac), as they do not have a TrackPoint embedded in the keyboard.

The touchpad is there to make sure that folks that never tried a TrackPoint feel comfortable, but like many, one you TrackPoint, you'll turn off the touchpad.

Here's some blogs stating their preference/benefits:


@lxqikrana: How are graphs an numbers meaningless? For some people, the objective performance data about a product can help set expectation levels for what the product can do. Of course, subjective experiences (like the review you posted) are also valuable, but they're inherently an expression of preferences and perceptions.


Received shipping confirmation same day. Thanks Woot!


@eschon already? I'm beginning to think woot doesn't love me anymore.