dealssubway bogo w/ drink purchase (october only)


@coyhaven: I downvoted you exclusively because you cited Dr. Oz (a.k.a. Dr. "I Make Dr. Phil Look Like a Real Doctor")


@sarisin: Have you ever been to a fast food joint when the self-serve soda station was not turned on?


so if a subway is open 24hrs, then what is the starting time to qualify for this?




To bad that our local subway was open then! They dont open till 10:00


@coyhaven: Does Dr. Oz give 'the skinny' on an increasing problem with wheat allergies?

Along with genetic predisposition, having a limited diet in earlier developmental stages can cause adult allergies that often complicate other imbalances (wheat, peanuts - any food source that isn't diversified enough early, can be much more difficult of a pattern to break later).

Work on scalar behavioral ranges.


The entire menu is available at that hour, sandwiches and beverages.


@djp519: I do eat any sub at 9:00am, since I start working at 7am and wake up at 5am every day by that time I am HUNGRY! So this is a good deal. No rules as for breakfast people :-)


Love this deal (again)! Last time they had it (a few months ago), I just got in the habit of picking up a footlong (i.e., 2 6-inch) on my way in to work. Would eat half around 1pm, and the other half around 4:30pm. I'm down 32 lbs. (not all because of Subway, but it helped). And I can highly recommend the egg white sandwich on flatbread with veggies - low fat, low cholesterol, and tasty.


So in theory you could get breakfast and go ahead and buy a sub to take to work to lunch? Sounds like a plan.


Been getting "breakfast" Subs at subway for awhile now, since i get off work at 5am... the whole menu is available (I usually get buffalo chicken) but they have bacon, egg& cheese which you can also get on a 3" flatbread or a muffin (not sure if the BOGO fits with those) and all drinks are available, which includes coffee and juice (store providing)


Got this deal this morning. 1/2 price foot long, just asked the worker if I could get a 12" and call it two 6". All lunch and breakfast subs are available, also grabbed a soda, no coffee for me.


So, what beverages are they selling that you have to buy before 9am? Coffee?


Dr Oz just had a thing on that Subways egg white on whole wheat is a pretty good healthy choice for breakfast(better than most fast food breakfast sandwiches-hey also have low fat subs for lunch- for those of you without a lunch bag Tupperware has some really great ones-gift Idea to for those dogging the offer LOL!
Dr Oz drive through Diet!


I've used this deal in the past. The idea is you go in there before work, get breakfast sub and then a sub for lunch. Two meals for the price of one!


@luke727: Yes they do. Their breakfast subs are pretty delicious, though.


I'm thinking that most people up-voting this didn't see the BEFORE 9AM disclaimer. Who wants a sub for breakfast?


I've never been to Subway for breakfast. Do they serve lunch items that early?


What? You don't have a refrigerator or ice packs for your lunch box?


Duh, Jack. They're subs. Pick it up on the way to work and eat it at lunchtime...


Darn, 9 AM? It's lunch that interests me. If this applied to lunch, I may have eaten there every day this month.