dealscraftsman 3/8" drive micro-clicker torque wrench…


love craftsman tools but their torque wrenches are junk... i had one that i only used about 5x to torque wheels... then the handle screwed off... sears told me one year warrentee.. so i walked outside and threw it iin the trash... stopped at PEP-BOYS and bought a torque wrench that has a life time warranty, hard case, bigger, longer and has last 12+yrs now ....


Same here. These things are junk. Bought 3 for our shop and after less than a week, two had already stopped locking completely and the third had something slip inside that caused the reading to be off by 10 pounds.


Anything w/ moving parts seems to be beyond the ability of SEARS. Stick to the simple hand tools...


too close to Black Friday to be buying tools. Better deals can be had.


never mind Black Friday... Sears puts all their torque wrenches on sale for this price several times a year and has done for several years.

If you want a junk one buy Harbor freight...want a good one buy a good one (and pay for it)... need something for occasional use that is decent buy this ut take care of it. As with any of these keep it in the case when not used, reduce the setting to near zero, and don't throw it in the tool box in your truck and it'll be ok for occasional use... which is all 80% of people would need... so unless you're an engine builder, or work on high spec stuff...and if you do you already know what you need.

I have one and have used it a handful of times (the 1/2 inch model) with no issues, and have seen plenty of the "digital" model well used at used tool places and car shows for sale very reasonable... but very few of these style make it to the used market.