dealsmonoprice pro bluetooth™ led turbo gamepad for…


So.... any of you three who downvoted this want to give a reason why this deal isn't to your liking?

Or are you all just a bunch of grump cats?


@justagigilo85: a) it's monoprice (dubious site, cheap stuff for sale), b) it's not really cheap (you can get OE controllers for this used), c) it's a monoprice controller? - how would you find reviews for this and what are the chances it's a good solid controller given it's branding?



a) that you've never heard of Monoprice doesn't make it dubious; I've bought cable and connectors from them with no issues either in quality of product or customer service. They're a pretty huge operation:

b) WTH would I want to buy a used OEM PS3 controller? The whole point is that the batteries wear, the joystick pads wear (and spin loosely), and they get crud on and in them.

c) As stated in point A, I wouldn't have any issues with it being a Monoprice-branded product, considering it costs half to a third the OEM price.

Having said that, I don't want LEDs on my controller.



a) monoprice is a reputable site. I placed many orders through them and have had zero problems. It sounds like you've never used them before.

b) used OE controllers? How about new? I would take a chance with this controller vs. a used OE controller that saw adolescent rage. Ever seen or used an old N64 controller?

c) Not everything Monoprice sells is great. You can find reviews for items that aren't particularly of high quality and said reviews will reflect that... and monoprice doesn't censor them either.


I bought one of these controllers for my wife about three months ago. We love it. Now I'm buying one for myself. I've dealt with monoprice numerous times. I buy all of the cables I need from them (hdmi, Ethernet). I've never had a problem.



@necrom23: I would hardly call Monoprice "dubious." They've been around for quite a while and are regularly lauded by customers and reviewers. Will you provide support for your condemnation?
I've not used this controller, so I can’t declare it better or worse than any other, but I have purchased from Monoprice. I've been satisfied with the products and service. Monoprice does sell some items that are more basic than you might desire, but when compared with similar products, their gear often tests as well or better than pricier name brand items. If you equate branding with quality, by all means spend your coin in support of flashier marketing. As for me, I’ll compare features and performance, then buy the best quality I can afford - even if it means purchasing the less expensive product. (Equal or better for less seems a good value to me.)
But don’t take my word. I might be a lunatic or a shill. Research. Be an informed consumer. Share advice, but base it on knowledge or experience.


I'll put in my vote for Monoprice. Never had an issue with anything that I have gotten from them, and I have bought quite a few cables, surge protectors, and wire clips/fasteners. In fact, when HDMI cables were becomming status quo, they sold them for a fraction of the price you could get anywhere else, and I never had any problem with the quality (still use 'em, come to think of it).

However, I have never bought anything like this controller from them before, so I can't vouche for the quality of this type of item.

Also, didn't need a coupon code for this price. Probably should have put it in anyway, but forgot.


@necrom23: You're the sucker buying Monster Cable at Best Buy, aren't you?