dealsfree document shredding at office depot


Office Depo Employee: Oh yes sir, we'll dispose of your highly valuable personal information. Free of charge! All you have to do is leave it with us. We swear we will actually shred them and not keep them to later black mail you with. Is it suspicious we brought that up unprovoked?

Sucker: That sounds awesome, just be careful though, cause I accidentally printed a page that had all my credit card numbers, their expiration dates, and my Social Security number printed on it. Don't want that to fall into the wrong hands.

Office Depo Employee: Will do sir!

I guess I'm trying to say be careful of your sensitive information.


@nevets91: If I were to do this I definitely would make sure I see the actual shredding of my documents.


Or you could just buy a shredder and make your own padding plus protect your stuff at the same time