dealschuck norris 5 movie box set (dvd) for $19.15


Chuck Norris is the only being able to slam a revolving door!


If I don't buy this, will Chuck know?

EDIT: I should have asked "If I don't buy this, will MR. NORRIS know?"


No way! No Chuck Norris facts? I'm disappointed in the deals crew. Here's my favorite:

Chuck Norris doesn't wear condoms... cause there's no protection from Chuck Norris.


Fact: In every movie Chuck Norris has ever been in, he's had to be given 25 times the normal lethal dose of horse tranquilizers to prevent serious harm to any of the actors involved.


This set comes with paste on chest hair so you can feel even more manly while you watch this.


@chandin: Yes he does. Chuck Norris wears ribbed condoms inside out so he gets all the pleasure.