deals32gb apple ipad 3 & $75 best buy gift card for…


Note, these are 3rd gen iPads. (slower processor and the old connector) Considering how much less apple sells 3rd gen reburbs for, these don't seem like a good deal.


The 32GB Apple iPad 3, refurbished, is $469.
I believe both come with a limited one year warranty.
Both come with free shipping.
Apple is cheaper, by $5.

I never thought i'd see the day when I said those words.


Apple is $5 cheaper, but it's really $80 in cash cheaper, cause you're not stuck with a $75 Best Buy card


You're comparing refurb price to new... Apple's refurbs are not "New In Box," which might be important for some people.


Save yourself like $300 and get a Nexus 10 or Galaxy Note 10. It preforms better and cost much less, both up front and to own and get apps.


@ganzhimself: I have bought many things from Apple...they're refurbs are better than most peoples 'new'...


@mrc131: (sigh) That comment really helped us all out...thank goodness someone who uses Android had the smartness to post on here. Us Apple faithful are so lost without Steve....

...On a more realistic note....Some people want the iPad because it IS made by Apple and plays in their sandbox...My grandmother (who loves her iPad) would have no idea what to do with an Android device. "Ice Cream Sandwich", "Gingerbread", "rooting" just are not some peoples cup of tea dude...


@jraxter: Better than "most people's new." That sounds legit. Afterall, brands like Asus, Samsung and Sony are nobodies right? What makes you think your grandmother wouldn't know how to use an android tablet? If you used one, you would realize the functionality is almost identical to IOS.


This works out for people who use Best Buy Reward Zone membership....


Wow...lot of Apple haters posting on here again...time to switch to slickdeals for a while...


@undrpsi: I'm not hating on Apple. I'm being realistic. I'm inferring who "most people" is (competitors) and pointing out that IOS and Android functionality is virtually identical. You use your finger to press on links and icons and use pinch motions for zoom. That's really all you need to know to use IOS, Android or Windows 8. They are all made to be intuitive.


@smithmark: Dude...and Ford and Mercedes both make cars...what's your point? If someone wants to pay more for real or perceived value why do you have to keep bragging your P.O.S. Escort only cost a third of someone else's E310 ??

Point being is this was a post about an iPad deal, not an Android deal....

(edit) and for what it's worth to you...I have both at my house...prefer the iPad but I don't have anything against' my "opinion" and I don't pretend to push that on anyone...


Only the 64GB one is left at $100 more as of 9:30 AM CST.


I second the vote for Apple refurbs. New battery, case, and same warranty for less money == winner.

That all said, I was able to snag a Nabi 2 for $129 after they were "sold out".
Tegra 3 Android for $129!

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