dealsdell dual-core i5 notebook for $779.99 + $5.00…


256GB Solid State Drive alone is worth $300 in some stores..

rom rom

I thought Gen 2 i5 processors were quad core


Does this one have the docking port on the bottom? Maybe I'm just tired, but can't find this bit of info.


@smawley: It'll take the Dell E-series docking stations.


WHy does it look so 5-years-ago?


I have the E6520 (the 15.6" version of this chassis) for work, and it's really solid and durable. It's huge and weighs a ton, but it's solid.

I'm not a fan of the trackpad, though. There's no support for scrolling or any sort of multi-touch (like tapping with two fingers to go "back" on a webpage). Maybe there are add-ons that can add this functionality, but as I normally use an external mouse, I haven't bothered to find out.


Now that I pulled the trigger (I didn't on 3/30): this is at least $300 below what Dell sells this config to State Governments or Schools. Lacks 5Ghz Wifi (board can be swapped out), Bluetooth (another $30-ish add-on), back-lit keyboard. Ram is super cheap from Crucial et al these days ($22 for a second 4GB stick).
I'm guessing no accident coverage (was called Dell Complete Care, now referred to as Dell Pro Support). Complete care used to break out as a $100-200 item if you are not an institutional buyer (they get it on every configuration). Still, a business-ugly but solidly reliable workhorse at a very nice price.


Very tempted to snag this, as I'm in the market for my first laptop. The SSD might put me over the edge, though the lack of USB 3.0 support kinda sucks.


to someone who knows graphics cards well: how good is the integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 (Up to 1696MB)? Would it be able to play Starcraft 2 and DotA 2 on low graphics settings?

also sad that there is no USB 3.0


@bluekirbypwns: Look in the "Game Benchmarks" section:

It looks like it'll handle SC2 on low settings. DOTA2 isn't listed.


Jumped on this late last night...the SSD and especially the warranty / build quality sold me on it, as I have a toddler in the house. According to several users in the "Previous Woot" thread, the maximum RAM is 16GB and not 8GB. Can anyone verify this?

Also, can I buy a USB 3.0 card separately and swap it out, or am I stuck with 2.0? It's not a huge deal but would help with my pre-existing backup drive conversion from the old desktop. If so, any leads on reliable cards?