dealsjewelry case • 4 sections of storage for $4.99


Are you buying a lot of jewelry for princess?


@wootvan: girls don't need to ask you are just supposed to do it. Tells us you are into us.

then you offer her a cheap short cruise


@hobbit: Should I drop the princess for you, hobbit. I sort of like the idea of marrying into royalty, but the hobbit angle sounds kind of kinky.


LOL I just saw this! Who says you can't buy me and Hobbit jewelry?


@wootvan: I just SAW this comment. Oh my, let me clear up a few things. I should warn you the user name is a play off my family name it has little to do with anything else and NOTHING to do with me being a Lord of the Rings fan, I am not.

I do like shiny things, what girl doesn't? My family goes in for gold rings.


I wouldn't recommend getting ANYTHING from this site ( They take forever to mail their stuff and some people have filed complaints with the BBB on their customer services. I just had to ask for a refund for them taking too long on a purchase. They took my money but never sent the items. They kept telling me it was "just mailed yesterday". I was surprised they actually returned my money other people haven't been so lucky.